D-Terra Solutions (Formerly NPI) provides manufacturing expertise that can help you determine your optimum True Cost of Ownership. x

NPI Knows Markets

NPI has helped commercialize over $1.3 billion in products for our clients, throughout the global marketplace, in the last ten years!

NPI has been developing, manufacturing and launching products in the U.S and around the world. We’ve watched many economies grow. In particular we’ve seen China evolve from the world’s factory floor to a thriving market. Because NPI has had many resources there for years supporting our product manufacturing efforts we’ve observed and studied the rapid creation of the Chinese consumer class and their needs/wants. China is one of the brightest global economies, and the Chinese Love U.S. Products! That makes China our choice as a focused country to help clients go to market in!

Although NPI has a proven process for success in entering any market, we have a unique specialization in Bio-Technology Products. NPI help you get there in three different ways:

  1. Launch your commercially ready product that has 510(K) clearance as you look at china as the place to grow/invest long term.
  2. NPI can help you marry your product or technology with sources of capital to enter and grow in China.
  3. NPI can help your great technology or patents that can’t get traction in the U.S. by developing and launching in China with partners with a lower cost of entry. Then bring back to the U.S.

No matter how you look at it China is most likely a market you need to be in. Call us and we can make it happen for you.